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2019 Quince Orchard Cross Country Award Winners

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MVP Award

Awarded in every sport as determined by a majority vote of teammates and coaches to the team member whose athletic performance throughout the season has been an exceptional standout.

Emily Miller

Emily Miller was voted as the team MVP for the girls. Her commitment and dedication to training despite adversity was an inspiration to teammates. She was the team’s top finisher in 5 of the 10 races she raced this season and set the standard for the team’s pack running. Emily did everything in her power to execute a race plan not only for her self, but for her team. She grew into the pressures of leadership and the team benefited from that growth and selflessness. Emily was varsity for all 3 years on the cross country team and was consistently among the team’s leaders and top runners. Her top 5k time of 21:57 ranks her at 27 this decade for QO. Emily is headed to the University of Maryland next year.

Majkrzak Corner: “Emily, you have an awesome personality and positive attitude.  Best wishes, you will be missed on our team next year.”

2019 Season  Quince Orchard HS  12th Grade

Jonny Fontek

With over 71% of the vote, senior Jonny Fontek, or number 1 Jonny as his friends call him, was voted as the team MVP for the boys. Specifically, Jonny finished as the team’s top finisher in 10 out of 11 races this year. His three years on the cross country team saw him drop his time on the MCPS championship course by almost a minute and a half. His 5k personal best of 17:06 ranks him at 47th in school history and 18th best this decade. He has truly become a student of the sport and will continue to improve as a lifelong runner. He will continue his education at Salisbury University.  

Majkrzak Corner: “Your determination and desire to improve at distance running has grown greatly since freshman year.  It will be exciting to see how much faster and stronger you can get as you pursue running after high school.”

2019 Season  Quince Orchard HS  12th Grade

Coaches Award


Isabela Newlands

In her second season of cross country, sophomore Isabela Newlands’ dramatic improvement throughout this season was one of the highlights of the fall. In fact, she finished with the team’s top 5k time overall with her mark of 22:14 at the county championships, almost 3 minutes faster than she ran on the same course last year. From her first race this season to her best race this season, Isabela improved her time by over 6 minutes and became a vital member of our team pack. We are super impressed by the way she never backs down from a challenge and are busily thinking up new challenges as we move forward.

Majkrzak Corner: “It is exciting to watch you grow as a distance runner.  I hope you realize that great things lie ahead if you dedicate yourself to running and racing.”

2019 Season  Quince Orchard HS  10th Grade

Eric Fagan

One of the true leaders of this year’s team was senior Eric Fagan. He truly loves to run and is meticulously dedicated to his training. Eric leads by example and sets the pace on most of the team’s training runs, holding his teammates accountable. Eric’s consistency was a much needed component to our team this year and his kind nature, integrity, and motivation was inspiring to all of us. Eric was recognized by the Montgomery County Road Runners Club as one of the Outstanding High School Runner award winners this year. Eric will attend the University of Maryland next year.

Majkrzak Corner: “It has been so enjoyable to get to know you over the last four years.  You are such a conscientious young man and dedicated athlete.  Thank you for your amazing, selfless service at the mulch sales.  And just so you know, in my mind you are the team’s core strength king — keep it up and stay strong!”

2019 Season  Quince Orchard HS  12th Grade

 3 Miles

Sportsmanship Award

Awarded in every sport as determined by teammates and coaches to the team member who has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship as a representative of Quince Orchard HS Athletics.

Zoe Bell

Traditionally, the sportsmanship award is incredibly competitive on a team with a ton of good sports. In fact, on a roster of 21 girls, 13 of them received votes in this category. Despite the wide spread of votes, Zoe Bell received 35% of the vote. That’s a huge percentage. The point is,  Zoe Bell has nothing bad to say, ever. She is one of the most kind, gentle souls in the history of souls, and is the epitome of sportsmanship as a way of life, not just as a competitor. She found a real competitive streak this year, too, that consistently provided the glue to our team pack. As a four year runner, Zoe will be greatly missed next year. Zoe will attend American University in the fall.

Majkrzak Corner: “I hope your years of running at QO are filled with great memories.  Thank you for being an excellent teammate that others could always count on for support.”

2019 Season  Quince Orchard HS 12th Grade

Tim Shiner

15 different boys received votes for the Sportsmanship award, but Tim Shiner was the cream that rose to the top. It’s no surprise that Tim would win this award. For 4 years, Tim has been a great teammate, who always wants to help those around him improve, even when his own body was preventing him from consistently pursuing his goals this season as he battled injury. His hard work paid off though, as he ran with all heart at our county championship this season and set a personal best time of 19:10, almost a minute faster than last year, and a full 3 minutes faster than he ran as a freshman on that course. Hard work and good sportsmanship indeed do pay off. Tim will attend Virginia Tech in the fall.


Majkrzak Corner: “Your enthusiasm for distance running has grown dramatically over the last year.  Please continue to persevere through your injuries and the setbacks they have caused.  Great running lies ahead for you.”

2019 Season  Quince Orchard HS  12th Grade

Cougar Award

Awarded in every sport as determined by a majority vote of teammates and coaches to the team member who through intelligent effort and sustained training has shown achievement beyond expectation and has been an inspiration to team members by his or her motivation to participate without selfish recognition.

Monica Soni

The team voted senior Monica Soni as this year’s Cougar Award winner. Frankly, Monica is a perfect candidate for this award. As a 2-year varsity runner, her intelligent effort and sustained training is exactly what helped her improve and be a model of consistency. Her motivation to participate and achieve without selfish recognition describes Monica’s entire being. All her success through high school is a testament to her will to work hard, her willingness to take on new challenges, and her ability to follow-through on achieving her goals. If they have a Deacon award at Wake Forest, she’ll win that too.

Majkrzak Corner: “So glad you chose to try running!  You were a definite positive addition to the team and it was a pleasure coaching you.”

2019 Season  Quince Orchard HS  12th Grade

Cooper Hall

Cooper Hall is the Cougar Award winner for the boys team. Cooper’s return to cross country after a season hiatus was a good one. Not only was he able to focus on his training, but he made it a point to hold his teammates accountable for their training as well. His standard of excellence and leadership make him a great Cougar Award winner. Like most great leaders, he can honestly say that he made those around him better with his commitment to excellence and focus on process driven goals rather than outcome driven. That’s a sign not only of his growth, but his desire to grow. His 17:11 personal best ranks him at #26 this decade for QO.

Majkrzak Corner: “Your maturity and positive leadership was evident and appreciated this past fall in cross country season.  You have earned much respect from me as I’ve watched you stoically persevere through tremendous personal and physical pain.  Thank you for setting an example for others to follow.”

2019 Season  Quince Orchard HS  12th Grade

4-Year Seniors

Samantha Harrington, Alyssa Pickoff, Zoe Bell
Will Spano, Jake Alalouf, Matthew Nagy, Eric Fagan, Carter France, Tim Shiner, Gavin Nash