Cougars News · 2020 Girls Tennis Senior Night

It is now time to honor our Class of 2020 Girls Tennis team. We would like to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication to the program the last 4 years.

Hanna Chan

Going to UMD

favorite spring sports moment: When the whole team went to Bassett’s after the intense Poolesville match because we had a great team bonding meal

Thanking:I want to thank my parents for supporting me each season! Coach Lyst for always giving us motivational messages during practices and before matches, and for encouraging us to do our best and to reflect on how we could do better each match!

Paisley Hahn (captain) 

Going to Villanova

Favorite memory: Beating Whitman last year!! Everyone played really well and we had great team spirit.

Thanking: I want to thank my parents for their constant support and encouragement, Coach Lyst for an awesome (sort of) two seasons, and the team for being so supportive and fun! And of course Mr. Rabberman for making this virtual senior night happen!


Reily Loehr


Going to Auburn

Favorite memory: my favorite memory is the dinner after the Poolesville match last year

Thanking: I would like to thank my parents and my sister for supporting me.


Savannah Moldvay (Captian)

Going to UMD

Favorite memory: Going to eat at that restaurant after the Poolesville match and bonding as a team

Thanking: I’d like to thank my mom, dad, brother and Coach Lyst for making my last two tennis years a great experience

Snigdha Penmetsa

Twitter handle: @SnigdhaPenmetsa

Going to UMD

Favorite tennis moment: our team meetings before and after matches where everyone was happy no matter what was going to happen

Thankful: I’m thankful for Coach Lyst and all my teammates that made me feel so welcome and part of something