Coed Varsity Indoor Track · Indoor Track Preview: Isaac Blaker

This winter, we will preview the indoor track & field season through the eyes of our senior class. Each senior was asked 10 questions about the upcoming season, their goals, and their team.

10 Questions with Isaac Blaker


How many years have you participated with QO track & field? What other sports have you played at QO?

I have participated with QO Indoor Track & Field for four years as of this season. I have also played Boys Volleyball for three soon to be four years. 

What are your main events and personal bests?

My main event is Triple Jump and my personal best is 32′.

What are you most excited for this season?

I am most excited to continue refining my triple jump technique and attempting to become a high jumper as well.

Which teammate are you most excited to watch this season? From whom are you expecting big things?

I am most excited to watch Jaylon Bennett, as I believe he can become one of the top sprinters in the county and a leader of this team.

How do you plan to stay focused through the long, cold season?

I plan to stay focused by the drive to improve on my current bests.

What’s your favorite QO Track & Field memory?

My favorite memory is when one day as practice was finishing up, and I was bringing back the tools from the jumper pits, I noticed the high jump was still set up. After I had put away the tools, I went over to say hi to a couple of my friends who were high jumpers. After they were done and were about to clean up, they challenged me to jump the bar, which was set at the county’s opening height for girls. Without knowing the form other than put my back to the bar, I cleared the bar with ease. I immediately shocked my friends. They then set the bar to the opening height for boys, which was a foot higher. I tried to clear, and came extremely close to, but failed. Either way, my friends were still surprised, and it’s been a joke between us ever since.

Who is your favorite professional track & field athlete? Why?

(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

My favorite professional Track & Field athlete s Usain Bolt because he is eccentric and self centered, so it makes for a lot of good jokes, such as: Who’s Usain Bolt’s biggest fan? Usain Bolt.

What are your main individual goals for the season?

My main individual goal is to simply set a couple new personal bests in my events.

What are your main team goals for the season?

My main team goal is that we all train hard everyday, and we support each other’s pursuits to get better.

Anything else you’d like the world to know?

Even with taking a rigorous class load, Boy Scouts (I’m an Eagle Scout in case anyone is wondering), and other commitments, I still found time to participate in all track practices. As Mr. Jernigan would say, “No excuses.”