Coed Varsity Indoor Track · Indoor Track Preview: Jamie Grossberg

This winter, we will preview the indoor track & field season through the eyes of our senior class. Each senior was asked 10 questions about the upcoming season, their goals, and their team.

10 Questions with Jamie Grossberg


How many years have you participated with QO track & field? What other sports have you played at QO?

This will be my fourth year on indoor track. I ran cross country for two seasons and outdoor for three.

What are your main events and personal bests?

My favorite event is the 4 x 800 relay but at a typical meet I will run an 800 race and my personal best is 2:43.

What are you most excited for this season?

This season I am most excited to fully embrace and enjoy each and every run with my teammates.

Which teammate are you most excited to watch this season? From whom are you expecting big things?

I am most excited to see the freshman compete in their first races because it will hopefully be the first of many. I am expected big things from the girls 4 x 200 because they seem to continue improving each year.

How do you plan to stay focused through the long, cold season?

My best tactic for toughing out the winter is reminding myself that I am doing it for my team while they do it for me as well. 

What’s your favorite QO Track & Field memory?

My favorite QO track memory would be singing at the top of our lungs as freshman during the runs. Even though it made it much harder to breath, it made the runs more entertaining. 

Who is your favorite professional track & field athlete? Why?

Sandi Morris (celebmafia)

My favorite professional track and field athlete is pole vaulter Sandi Morris. I have been following her for the past four years and what i admire the most about her is how she is never completely satisfied with a given performance as if she has no limit. She continues to push herself higher and higher to unthinkable heights. 

What are your main individual goals for the season?

My individual goal for the season is to take each race as they come, run in the moment and maintain focus.

What are your main team goals for the season?

My team goal for the season is for us to recognize our self responsibility and our abilities that contribute to the whole. It is too frequently misunderstood that track and field is an individual sport. With that mentality, we will never achieve the goals we are striving towards.

Anything else you’d like the world to know?

Nothing rewarding ever comes easy.