Coed Varsity Indoor Track · Track & Field Hires a New Assistant Coach

The QO track & field team is excited the announce the addition of Larrissa Plummer to the coaching staff. Coach Plummer teaches in the PE department at QO and will assist during the winter and spring track seasons with a focus on the sprints, field events, and hurdles.

Coach Plummer was kind enough to answer a few questions as we prepare to start our indoor season.

What is your background in track and field?

During high school I competed in outdoor track and field for all four years of my career. I competed in the high jump, long jump, 100m hurdles, 300m hurdles, and occasionally pole vault. After high school, I competed for four years of my college career in indoor and outdoor. At the collegiate level they wanted me to be a “multi” which is where you compete in a Heptathalon (7 events outdoor) and Pentathalon (5 events indoor). The events that are a part of that are: 100m hurdles, high jump, long jump, 200m sprint, shot put, javelin, and the 800m run. On competition days where we did not compete in the Pent/Hep, we would compete in four events including the 4x400m race. 

What other sports have you played?

In high school I also competed in basketball and volleyball. In college I compete in Rugby as well. 

What other activities do you enjoy in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, baking, walking my dogs, and watching football.

What excites you about coaching QO Track & Field?

I’m excited about coaching QO Track & Field because I had such an enjoyable time during my eight year career. I want to help other athletes reach their full potential through hard work and encouragement. I enjoy watching the “ah-ha” moments when things click in the athletes mind and the excitement of an improved performance. 

Anything else you want to world to know about you?

  • Looking forward to a good season!