Coed Varsity Cross Country · MCPS Championships Meet Recap

The cross country teams competed at the MCPS Championship meet on Saturday 10/27. The county championship meet is annually our favorite meet and is generally the final meet of the year for most of the team. Unfortunately, due to heavy rain in the days prior to the meet, the 9-10 B race was cancelled, leaving those athletes without a final race. The fact that we were able to complete at all was due to a compromise between the meet directors and the City of Gaithersburg to run just the varsity and the 11-12 B races. The course was muddy, but held up well through the afternoon resulting in every single Cougar running a faster time on the course than they ran on September 18th when we competed against Gaithersburg in a divisional meet. (See below for a time comparison). The most improved Cougar between the two meets was Isabela Newlands, who improved by 4:25 in her first varsity-level race at the Championships. The most improved boy was Timmy Shiner, who improved by 2:04.

The girls varsity finished 16th in the championship race, despite missing their #1 runner, Margaret Lilyestrom. Knowing this, our emphasis was on pack running and the girls boasted the smallest time spread in the entire county from their 1st runner to their 5th runner of :54 seconds. The varsity was lead by freshman Talia Dantus in 81st  place; followed closely by junior Emily Miller in 85th.

In the 11-12 B race, junior Alyssa Pickoff started the day with 27:49, good for 83rd place.

22:39.00 SB Talia Dantus 80th Complete Results
22:47.00 SB Emily Miller 84th Complete Results
23:26.00 SB Monica Soni 106th Complete Results
23:29.00 SB Hannah Myers 110th Complete Results
23:33.00 SB Alex Aronez 111th Complete Results
23:51.00 SB Zoe Bell 116th Complete Results
24:38.00 SB Maeve Smith 136th Complete Results
25:04.00  SB Isabela Newlands 146th Complete Results
25:05.00 SB Madison Mills 147th Complete Results
25:15.00 SB Samantha Harrington 148th Complete Results
27:49.00 Alyssa Pickoff 83rd Complete Results

The boys were just as good as pack running despite missing a key varsity runner Noah Buchsbaum. They had the 3rd smallest 1-5 spread in the county of :59. The goal for both teams was less than a minute. Mission accomplished. The boys varsity was lead by senior Jordan Gaskins in 85th place, followed closely by junior Jonny Fontek in 88th. Overall, the team placed 18th. In the 11-12 B race, senior Jason Kearney (who gave up his varsity spot along with Will Spano so that a teammate could compete) was our top finisher in a personal best time of 19:09.


18:16.00 Jordan Gaskins 85th Complete Results
18:18.00 SB Jonathan Fontek 88th Complete Results
18:41.00 SB Luke Evans 117th Complete Results
18:50.00 SB Colby Sisco 129th Complete Results
19:09.00 SB Jason Kearney 30th Complete Results
19:15.00 SB Jake Alalouf 147th Complete Results
19:17.00 SB Eric Fagan 148th Complete Results
19:51.00 SB William Spano 55th Complete Results
19:57.00 Benjamin Dubin 164th Complete Results
20:04.00 SB Calvin Courbois 168th Complete Results
20:04.00 SB Ian Fagan 170th Complete Results
20:04.00 SB Timothy Shiner 62nd Complete Results
20:25.00 SB Dylan Olen 81st Complete Results
20:36.00 SB Max Johnston 184th Complete Results
21:36.00 SB Matthew Nagy 128th Complete Results
21:45.00 SB Justin Hinckley 131st Complete Results
21:56.00 Jared Ezrin 137th Complete Results
23:18.00 Bradley Pasekoff 167th Complete Results
23:18.00 SB Gavin Nash 168th Complete Results

The county championship is also our traditional senior day. Following the races, our seniors were recognized by our principal Mrs. Thomas and presented with flowers by our athletic director, Mr. Rabberman. During our team picnic, the seniors presented their “senior wills”; a statement about the legacy they are leaving behind to the team once they are gone as well as a reflection on their overall QOXC careers. The following seniors were recognized: Noah Buchsbaum, Emily Chee, Jaren Ezrin, Jordan Gaskins, Martin Ivanchev, Jason Kearney, Margaret Lilyestrom, Madison Mills, Hannah Myers, Dylan Olen, and Bradley Pasekoff. Their heartfelt words will hopefully be taken to heart by the crop our returning runners. Thank you seniors!

Time comparison for athletes who competed on the Bohrer Park course on 9/18 & 10/27.

Grade Name 18-Sep 27-Oct Difference
9 Isabela Newlands 29:28.9 25:04.0 04:24.9
11 Maeve Smith 28:23.6 24:38.0 03:45.6
11 Samantha Harrington 28:07.7 25:15.0 02:52.7
11 Alex Aronez 26:17.7 23:33.0 02:44.7
11 Timothy Shiner 22:08.1 20:04.0 02:04.1
11 William Spano 21:49.4 19:51.0 01:58.4
11 Justin Hinckley 23:42.7 21:45.0 01:57.7
11 Colby Sisco 20:45.8 18:50.0 01:55.8
11 Zoe Bell 25:32.9 23:51.0 01:41.9
11 Emily Miller 24:21.6 22:47.0 01:34.6
9 Ian Fagan 21:38.5 20:04.0 01:34.5
10 Max Johnston 22:05.9 20:36.0 01:29.9
12 Dylan Olen 21:50.6 20:25.0 01:25.6
11 Monica Soni 24:48.7 23:26.0 01:22.7
12 Bradley Pasekoff 24:40.2 23:18.0 01:22.2
11 Jonathan Fontek 19:36.9 18:18.0 01:18.9
11 Matthew Nagy 22:47.4 21:36.0 01:11.4
9 Talia Dantus 23:46.7 22:39.0 01:07.7
11 Eric Fagan 20:11.4 19:17.0 00:54.4
12 Madison Mills 25:59.2 25:05.0 00:54.2
11 Jake Alalouf 20:04.9 19:15.0 00:49.9
12 Hannah Myers 24:17.7 23:29.0 00:48.7
12 Jordan Gaskins 18:50.4 18:16.0 00:34.4
12 Jared Ezrin 22:21.4 21:56.0 00:25.4
10 Benji Dubin 20:08.1 19:57.0 00:11.1
10 Calvin Courbois 20:07.0 20:04.0 00:03.0