Coed Varsity Indoor Track · MCPS Meet #2 – CANCELED

Unfortunately, the meet had been cancelled.

meet program (Heat Sheets)

~ Weather: from a dusting to a coating, to now a couple of inches of snow are possible on Saturday. If MCPS cancels activities, then the meet is canceled. If MCPS does not cancel activities, then the meet is on. If activities are delayed until a certain time, we will evaluate the possibilities of getting a partial meet in if the time constraints still allow for it. Our contract at the Sportsplex runs from 8:00am-2:00pm and Howard County will be using the facility after us so we will not be able to stay after our contracted time. ~


Saturday December 9th – 8:30am – 2:00pm (doors open at 8am) – 3 entries per event, 1 relay per team

BUS LEAVES QO @ 7:10am
Athlete Availability / Transportation Requests / Coach’s Notes

Entries will be posted on Thursday, December 7th. are posted (below).

Order of Events:
4x800m Relay
55m Hurdles (with blocks)
55m Dash (with blocks)
300m Dash (in lanes)
1600m Run
500m Run (waterfall)
3200m Run
4x200m Relay
800m Run
4x400m Relay
Shot Put Girls then Boys
High Jump Girls then Boys.
Opening HJ heights: Girls: 4ft, Boys: 5ft
All Long Jump then Triple Jump.
3 attempts in each field event, no finals for SP, LJ, TJ

Each athlete will get one mark followed by any that hit the minimum standards:

Event      Boys        Girls
LJ             15ft        12 ft
TJ             30ft        24 ft
SP            30ft        20 ft

Montgomery County Schools Meet #2:

Quince Orchard High School Entries

You are entered in this meet. Your entries are below as of 12/07/2017 21:52:30 EST. You may update them up until December 7, 2017 9:59PM EST. Back
Boys 4×200 Meter Relay
Relay Team A

0) Malcolm Martin  0) John Edward Adjani-Aldrin  0) Jaylon Bennett   0) Ronnell Dennis  0) William Simpkins III  0) Kenneth Williams  0) Zion Titus
Boys 4×400 Meter Relay
Relay Team A

0) Chris Thoms  0) Miguel Salcido  0) Noah Buchsbaum  0) Malcolm Martin  0) Colin Pelkey  0) Josh Mwepu  0) Chris Ferentinos
Boys 55 Meter Dash
Jaylon Bennett 7.1
Sincere Murphy 7.2
William Simpkins III 7.2
Boys 55 Meter Hurdles
Malcolm Martin 9.8
John Edward Adjani-Aldrin 9.89
Daniel Song 10.5
Boys 300 Meter Dash
John Edward Adjani-Aldrin 42.5
Jaylon Bennett 42.5
Josh Mwepu 42.5
Boys 500 Meter Dash
Malcolm Martin 1:16
Josh Mwepu 1:18
Chris Ferentinos 1:21
Boys 800 Meter Run
Miguel Salcido 2:10
Malcolm Martin 2:20
Colby Sisco 2:20
Boys 1600 Meter Run
Miguel Salcido 4:50
Noah Buchsbaum 4:50
Benjamin Dubin 5:25
Boys 3200 Meter Run
Chris Thoms 9:45.92
Jake Alalouf 11:00
Colby Sisco 11:00
Boys High Jump
Kenneth Williams 6-5
Colin Pelkey 5-00
Daniel Song 5-00
Boys Long Jump
Zion Titus 17-00
Sincere Murphy 17-00
William Simpkins III 17-00
Boys Shot Put
Joseph Ripple 30-00
Aidan Quill 30-00
Elisha Ayitey
Boys Triple Jump
Isaac Blaker
Girls 4×200 Meter Relay
Relay Team A

0) Kayla Martin  0) Zakaiyah Bright  0) Alexis Martin  0) Danejah Kyle
Girls 4×400 Meter Relay
Relay Team A

0) Vaish Iyer  0) Courtney Hirsch  0) Maddie Freedman  0) Kristin Owens  0) Courtney Cohen
Girls 4×800 Meter Relay
Relay Team A

0) Courtney Hirsch  0) Maddie Freedman  0) Kristin Owens  0) Courtney Cohen
Girls 55 Meter Dash
Kayla Martin 7.8
Zakaiyah Bright 7.57
Danejah Kyle 7.8
Girls 300 Meter Dash
Zakaiyah Bright 44.0
Alexis Martin 43.0
Danejah Kyle 44.0
Girls 500 Meter Dash
Hailey Beard 1:35
Courtney Hirsch 1:35
Maddie Freedman 1:32
Girls 800 Meter Run
Isabelle Sajonia 2:29
Elizabeth Cassell 2:40
Justice Luko 2:40
Girls 1600 Meter Run
Vicky Liu 6:10
Samantha Harrington 6:45
Girls 3200 Meter Run
Isabelle Sajonia 11:45.28
Elizabeth Cassell 12:00
Margaret Lilyestrom 12:00
Girls High Jump
Maeve Smith
Marie Abo
Lindsey Faucher 4-4
Girls Long Jump
Snigdha Penmetsa 12-00
Lindsey Faucher 12-00
Vaish Iyer 12-00
Girls Shot Put
Jade Skok 23-1.25